Dear Old House Lover,

I invite you to step into a world where details matter.

Because it’s in all those thoughtful little details that great stories are told.

You, my friend, have an amazing story to tell. Since you are here, something tells me you are a Dreamer, Achiever, Legacy-Leaver.

You have big ideas for your present home, or maybe a future one. You want a space that is oh-so-cozy and packed with soul. I am on this journey with you, and I hope my story and this blog will help both of us to make our place – a place that in turn will help make us.

Let’s live a life of legacy,


My Story

My name is Tamara and I am passionate about designing homes that build on the successes of the past and keep tradition alive.

Tamara Gavin, an old house lover, with her sweet family on her daughter's birthday on a built-in bench they made for their home
Me with my family on my daughter’s first birthday after her choosing ceremony.

I’m an interior designer, a wife, a mom, and more recently, a history lover.

My heritage is mostly Swedish and my husband is German, Irish, and French. My family’s roots are important to me as are the traditions and rituals we create that offer a sense of identity and security.

Also, I’ve known from a young age that I would become an architect or interior designer. I especially adore old homes and period architecture. Perhaps it’s because they feel more dimensional to me. I love their texture, age, and character. Plus the proportions feel right to me – not too big with more square footage devoted to the public spaces instead of private suites.

You’ll notice that a lot of my content on my blog is inspired by old homes. One of my favorite things to do is look at old house plans and reimagine them for today. I enjoy bringing old treasures back to life.

Asheville, NC

My home is in Asheville, North Carolina where I have an interior design business that helps people make their mark with homes that tell their unique stories. I provide design services to homeowners with historic homes as well as modern new construction homes. Finally, I am also co-founder of Glad Haus Design Collective in downtown Asheville.

In 2014 I became a house tour contributor for Apartment Therapy to share stories of homeowners and their homes in Western North Carolina. I also started this blog, The Made Home, that year as a way to document my home improvement projects on my 1950’s brick rambler and offer design advice, old house inspiration, and printable templates for the hands-on homeowner.

The Made Home is how I share my passion for “legacy” houses and my gift for designing homes that are charming, practical, and economical.

The Made Home is a blog to help you create your authentic home.

Do you…

  • Get overwhelmed by so many online product options?
  • Lack confidence? What if you regret a purchase because it was too adventurous or too trendy?
  • Have difficulty committing? Do you believe in your ideas?

No matter what type of home you have now, you want your space to support your daily rituals, your memories, and the things you cherish most.

Join others in keeping the old house spirit alive.

I’m excited to build a community of Old House Lovers who share an interest in beautiful, sustainable architecture. I’m looking forward to creating this tribe.

My current goal for 2020 is to focus on serving this community with useful design tips, inspiration, and free design resources. If you would please join my email list below, we can stay in touch! I genuinely appreciate you, and all of my readers.

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