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How to Transform Your Space With Online Design

How to transform your space with online interior design

Let’s put my micro-sized design package under the microscope and see what makes this mini-yet-mighty design service so great for anyone needing just a little bit of help.

Real Interior Design, All Online

With every Design Mini, you receive designer insights, visual inspiration, and renderings that bring potential solutions into focus. Witness your space transform digitally before your eyes and envision the final outcome in vivid detail.

With this online interior design package, you get a solution to your “space challenge” that is:

  1. Comprehensive. Your solution will consider how different decisions will work together to make a space feel right.
  2. Expertly-crafted. A proven design process develops your solution. This means you will see only the best ideas. No more second-guessing. No more what-if-ing.
  3. Palpable. Presentations will makes sense with visuals and renderings (and will likely wow you too!).

See the Complete Picture

An effective overall layout comes up when you open your online interior Design Mini PDF document on your device. The layout pulls the room together and gives it that “feel-good” vibe you’re after. Smaller design decisions that support this overall plan will also be shown. Sometimes the solution includes an element you may have never even thought of, such as a decorative partition wall to accommodate a TV. Or, perhaps a sectional sofa with a unique shape or configuration to promote comfortable energy flow. A Design Mini also offers bonus ideas that are often overlooked by homeowners. As a professional designer, I have access to design considerations that you may not even know are available. That means your kitchen, bathroom, or whichever space you need help with can transform in more ways than one.

Get Advice, For Less

The customized solution in your Design Mini is born out of the exact design process that my full-service clients have access to. With almost twenty years of experience, I have an experienced eye that approaches every space in the same way. A Design Mini package is essentially a small piece of what you would receive with a full-room design package. This means you get a real interior designer (me!) to give you the expert advice you need but with less commitment, time, and money.

Move Forward With Clear Guidance

Be amazed and see your space come to life with powerful visuals in a Design Mini. One of my favorite aspects of a design presentation is a beautiful interior perspective because it engages the sense of sight – the strongest of all the senses. From what I’ve witnessed, the experience of seeing a three-dimensional rendering is an exciting moment that drives my clients toward a successfully finished space. This online interior design service extends this opportunity to DIYers, design enthusiasts, and budget-minded homeowners too, so that they can take their tailored design plan across the finish line with confidence, ease, and motivation.

Make Decisions With Confidence

Not only does a Design Mini offer a glimpse into how your space could look and feel, but you’ll also be provided with powerful insights. I love teaching my clients on the principles and elements of design and the reasons behind the decisions shown in their presentation. For example, I might illustrate a traffic flow pattern to teach you why and how it makes a difference with entering a seating group. Or I might explain why a certain feature is a design focal point and what can be done to highlight it. Sometimes I’ll show you a couple of options and explain the the pros and cons of each. These insights are important because they give you additional wisdom you can use throughout the implementation of your design plan.

Get a Design Mini

Affordability is key. Gain access to industry expertise that’s typically reserved for high-budget projects for only $650. No matter which room you are working on, a Design Mini is the affordable luxury that empowers you to design with confidence and clarity.

Interested in learning more about this online interior design service? If so, then I invite you to fill out my no-commitment Design Mini booking form.

What room do you need help with?

Click here to tell me about the space you would like my help with. I look forward to hearing from you!

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