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Goodnight Moon: Kid’s Room Decor

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In childbirth class last year, our instructor told us how there have been studies that suggest that newborn babies can recognize and remember stories that were read to them while in the womb. Our assignment was to read to our not-yet-born son the same book each night to help create a loving and familiar environment, before and after birth. I chose my favorite story from childhood; the classic Goodnight Moon. Now 13 months old, Jack has heard this story hundreds of times, and he loves to point to all the different objects. Yesterday while reading this book to him, I studied the Great Green Room’s bold design—red carpet, bright green walls, and striped curtains—and I wondered if those colors could be translated into a real kid’s room. I found this image on Pinterest of a red-orange headboard against a deep teal-green wall and got inspired. Turns out the Great Green Room makes a glamorous adult room as well.

red-upholstered-headboardImage Credit: Litte Green Notebook

Using the book as a reference, I found items on the web that I think could come together to make a pretty handsome little boy’s room. It makes me wonder if there was a room that inspired Margaret Wise Brown, and if so, what it looked like. I’m not looking to redo Jack’s room anytime soon, but I’m excited about this idea when I do. If you are looking for some inspiration to create a Goodnight Moon inspired room, here is my interpretation.



1. Bavarian Forest Paint by Benjamin Moore

2. Gerard, the Giraffe Stuffed Animal by The Blind Stich Shop on Etsy

3. Yellow Mantle Clock by Current Classic on Etsy

4. Upholstered Tufted Headboard in Terracotta by Lily Kayy on Etsy

5. Red Balloon Children’s Art by Daisy and Bump Art on Etsy

6. Cobalt Blue Striped Pillow Cover by Mazizmuse on Etsy

7. Kettle Desk Phone, Black by Pot Racks Plus via Houzz

8. Branson Plaid Sheet Set by PB Teen

9. Finn Rocker by Anthropologie (sadly, this is no longer available)

10. Bela Quilt, Green and White by Divine Designs via Houzz

11. Faux Savannah Tiger Skin Rug by Hollywood Love Rugs via Houzz

12. Heaven Sent carpet square, Red by Flor

13. Signature Stripe Mirage Faux Silk Taffeta curtain panel from

14. Brimfield Bookcase, yellow by Urban Outfitters

15. Safavieh Indoor Louvre Royal Blue Table Lamp from

16. The Three Bears, vintage drawing by Old Drawings and Photos on Etsy shown with an ornate red frame (thanks Lollipop Figurine!)

More ideas on my Pinterest board!

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  • trickyjean
    November 6, 2014 at 12:11 pm

    I wondered the same thing! Love that you put together a mood board!!

  • JS
    November 6, 2014 at 1:06 pm

    Very cool! I loved reading that book to my kids.

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