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Interior Design Style Quiz: Discover Your Archetype

Design Archetype Style Quiz to Discover your Unique Archetype

As an interior designer, the irony doesn’t escape me: making decisions for my own space is surprisingly tough (#iykyk). With a broad appreciation for design aesthetics, I found myself asking, “What is my style?” It’s a question I ask my clients, so why was it so hard to answer for myself? Determined to pinpoint my unique design identity, I began with my client intake form. To my amusement, I resonated with 14 out of the 20 styles. From modern to traditional, rustic to minimalist, I was a blend of contradictions. It became clear that adjectives alone wouldn’t suffice. I needed a deeper exploration. I needed my own interior design style quiz.

Inspired by the clarity that personality quizzes provide, I set out to create my own design style quiz. Crafting the quiz was straightforward, but defining the outcomes? That was the real challenge. Initially, I drafted 32 possible styles—far too many. I scaled it down to 16, and finally, after intensive research and brainstorming, I settled on 8 definitive design archetypes.

So, without further ado, take this 10-question interior design style quiz to see which of the 8 design archetypes you align with. Are you The Artisan, The Seeker, The Archivist, The Trailblazer, The Dreamer, The Admirer, The Maker, or The Adventurer?

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the images featured in this blog post are generated by artificial intelligence (AI). These AI-created images are conceptual and intended for illustrative purposes. They may not accurately represent real-life scenarios or actual people.

What is an Archetype?

Unlike other interior design style quizzes, you won’t be told you express as a single design style like boho, mid-modern or coastal. This design style quiz is designed to lead you toward a design archetype, a representative persona, to serve as a guidepost in your interior design journey.

In this way, my comprehensive guide celebrates individuality and encourages creativity instead of slotting yourself into a specific design aesthetic. I encourage you to understand your preferences, values, and aspirations, and use them to create a home that embodies you. You will receive a single Archetype at the end of the style quiz which most represents you. But, feel free to explore all the archetypes and see if multiple archetypes resonate with you.

The Artisan

As an Artisan, you thrive on craftsmanship and purpose in your home design, creating grounded environments that foster creativity and natural beauty. With an artisanal style elevated by a relaxed, rustic vibe, your spaces exude authenticity and elegance, serving as comforting retreats to unwind and reconnect. Craftsman homes, Victorian gems, and English cottages capture your heart, providing the canvas for your creativity and reflecting your values of heritage and charm.

design style quiz artisan archetype result

The Seeker

The Seeker’s home serves as a sanctuary, inspired by serene retreats and global zen influences, promoting relaxation and wellbeing through minimalist design principles. Embracing earthy tones and soft neutrals, The Seeker prioritizes mindfulness with meditation corners, calming scents, and cozy textures for comfort. Infused with natural light, their space fosters balance and harmony, reflecting a philosophy centered on nurturing the soul and cultivating serenity in every corner.

design style quiz seeker archetype result

The Archivist

As an Archivist, you thrive on gathering inspiration for captivating stories, finding wisdom in old cobblestone streets and aged diaries to honor tradition and achievement. Your eloquent style is balanced by a playful touch, with personality-filled layers and whimsical charm adding depth to your space, whether it’s a historic estate or cozy cottage. Your love for hospitality and elegant charm shines through in your design, with timeless patterns and a mix of current and traditional elements creating a cohesive yet eclectic atmosphere that invites guests to unwind and reminisce.

Archivist design style quiz archetype living room with green sofa and plaid armchairs and matching accent pendent light fixture

The Trailblazer

The Trailblazer thrives on forging new paths and drawing inspiration from the unconventional, seeking to leave a lasting impact with their innovative approach. With a harmonious blend of audacity and sophistication, their space exudes grandeur and creativity, serving as a sanctuary for reflection and celebration amidst the unfolding chapters of their vibrant life story. From converted industrial warehouses to luxurious penthouses, each dwelling reflects the Trailblazer’s fearless spirit and bold design choices, embracing innovation and drama to push boundaries and make a statement.

design style quiz trailblazer archetype result

The Dreamer

The Dreamer is drawn to European-inspired design, seeking to create a home that feels like a living storybook, rooted in romantic allure and steeped in nostalgia. With a delicate fusion of elegance and patina, their space radiates beauty and sophistication, offering a sanctuary for tranquil reflection and daydreams amidst the allure of nature. From cozy country cottages to opulent estates, each dwelling evokes a sense of idyllic charm and timeless tradition, inviting occupants to immerse themselves in the magic of their surroundings.

design style quiz dreamer archetype result european country inspired kitchen

The Admirer

As an Admirer of iconic design, you’re drawn to the timeless allure of visionaries like Frank Lloyd Wright and Eames, finding inspiration in their sleek lines and innovative forms. Your passion for classic modern design fuels your desire to craft a sophisticated yet authentic home, blending iconic pieces with a hint of retro playfulness. From mid-century modern masterpieces to contemporary spaces infused with retro flair, your home exudes reverence for design history and refined taste, creating a timeless ambiance that resonates with both nostalgia and contemporary sophistication.

The Maker

As a Maker, your home is a blend of beautiful organization, cherished photographs, and a deep connection to your surroundings. You appreciate handmade goods and artisanal craftsmanship, creating inviting spaces that celebrate simplicity and tell a story. Embracing organic textures and simple lines, your home radiates warmth and relaxation, serving as a sanctuary for living in each small moment and crafting a space that feels truly lived-in and loved.

The Adventurer

As an Adventurer, infuse your space with treasures from your travels. Use bold art capturing the outdoors, souvenirs sparking cherished memories, and lush greenery for a touch of freshness. Embrace open, clean environments that reflect your boundless energy and love for exploration, softened by a relaxed vibe for cozy retreats after exhilarating days. Whether it’s a modern bungalow or an urban loft, your home radiates warmth and vibrancy, ensuring a comfortable landing spot at day’s end.

Take the Interior Design Style Quiz

Answer 10 questions and find out which amazing archetype you are.

Use the interior design style quiz to discover which of the 8 Archetypes you are! Then, receive tips for how to capture the essence of your Archetype in design. Take your design journey a step further with my digital guide, Designing For Who You Are: A Guide to the 8 Archetypes, for the ultimate roadmap in melding your personality with your design archetype. Receive an in depth look at insights, curated storyboards, product suggestions as well as specific resources for you to access.

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