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Wild About Hexagon Tile

Hexagon Tile

After finishing the sunroom (one of the biggest goals I had for 2014, yay!), we took a little break on the house project so that we could live like real human beings for awhile and enjoy the holidays. That’s why you haven’t seen a project update in awhile. There’s still a lot to do: we still have to finish the new hallways, the new bathroom, the pantry and linen closet, and then the kitchen. But, one thing we did do since completing the sunroom was lay down the tile in the new bathroom.


I chose the classic hexagon tile in black with black grout. It’s beautiful, simple, classic, bold, and yes, like subway tile, it is trendy right now. I really love it, and when this bathroom is finished, I’m pretty sure this will be my favorite element in the space. We got it for around $5 a square foot from a local tile supplier, which was about half the price than anywhere else I looked.

If the room was larger, I would definitely consider working in a pattern. With hexagon tile, there are infinite possibilities. It’s a timeless material that can go from retro to bold to modern to traditional just by switching the colors and patterns.

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Proof that I’m obsessed, I wanted to see what patterns I could come up with. I created a basic template and came up with these 10 patterns, and I seriously could have kept going and going.

10 bold hexagon tile patterns

The first one is inspired by Moroccan rugs. So simple and pretty! And wouldn’t charcoal gray tile with brass accents like the last design be gorgeous?

Make your own hexagon tile patterns!

Make your own! Print my simple layout from here and see what you can come up with. And…American Restoration Tile can make it for you, though I have no idea how much it would cost!

But seriously, porcelain geometric tiles are quite inexpensive compared to other materials, and the results can be very dramatic. If you don’t want to go the custom sheet route and if your motif or pattern is simple enough, you could buy sheets of solid color stock hex tile and just replace the necessary tiles in your design yourself to achieve a custom look. Also, just the grout color selection alone can make a surprise impact. White tiles with black grout, for example, is a really easy way to play up a simple material.

Even going solid black on black like I did for my bathroom makes a great statement. I’m going to pair it with white fixtures and maybe a brassy tone wall sconce, so the contrast is going to be really nice. Stay tuned!

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