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Custom patterns with only squares and triangles 

10 Simple and Beautiful Tile Designs

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I love the tile patterns seen in historic homes, which are made with simple geometric shapes out of unglazed porcelain or cement. Check out originalstyle.com for more inspiration and products.

With this pattern guide you will:

  • Save money. Patterned tile can be expensive (like $50 for ONE 8x8 tile) but you can make amazing patterns with just basic square and triangle tiles. From octagons to Moroccan motifs, you can create many designs using just squares and triangles. I show you a handful of basic shapes that you can use in your larger layouts.
  • Get my 10 custom-designed layouts. I've designed 10 tile patterns including "Compass in Squares" and "Octagon Maze" and "Hexagon Square Lattice." These designs are inspired by historic Victorian floors, European courtyards, Moroccan and tribal motifs.
  • Get creative! A simple template so you can design your own patterns.

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