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My New Rocker


Ready to rock? If you’re looking for a rocking chair to rock out relax in, I’ve got some options for you, all under $1000, and today I’ll share with you the one I just got and love.

After my daughter Euna was born, I knew I needed a rocking chair. My back needed a rocking chair. The Moby Wrap/bounce on the yoga ball combination is a really successful method for getting a baby to sleep, but it was killing my back. This is what I did for months with Jack, and I knew it was time for something better. Friends and family asked me while I was pregnant this time around what I needed, and the only thing I mentioned was a rocking chair. It was my big wish list item. I already had the cloth diapers from before and plenty of neutral colored newborn clothes. I had the bottles and pacifiers. And let’s be honest, the only thing a newborn really needs is my boob. So I felt ready for the baby, except for this one item.


With help from family and friends, I received money towards my new rocker. The question then became, which one? There are so many great ones out there.

In the end, I went with this one:

sleepytime-rocker-oatmealSleeytime Rocker $499

I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks, but here are the reasons why I love this rocking chair by Nursery Works so far.

First of all, from all the options I showed my husband, this was his favorite. And from a style and design perspective, it was my favorite too.  I wanted to make sure he was happy with this purchase since he’d be using it a lot too, so this was important. I have no doubt that one of the reasons he liked this one was because it had the most exposed wood. You know men – they love wood. Stained wood, not painted. But that’s another post.

The only thing he wanted to make sure of was that this chair’s back is high enough for him to rest his head on, which it is. I read lots of reviews which had the same question, and for someone 5′-9″ like the both of us, you can lean back comfortably and rest your head.


Here are the other reasons this chair was a winner for me: 1. It was affordable. I bought it from for $499. There wasn’t tax and shipping was free, so the final total that I was charged was $499.00. This was great, because I can’t tell you how many times I put an item in my cart only to find out that my grand total goes up a couple hundred dollars because of tax and freight charges, and so I end up not pulling the trigger. I collected $625 from family and friends, so I still have enough for an ottoman, which I’m still looking for. 2. This chair comes with lots of options for fabric and wood finish so I could pick out the combination I liked best. There are even more options with limited edition patterns at FYI, the hazelnut fabric has been discontinued. 3. The chair seat is wide enough for both me with the baby and my 2 year old to sit next to me. 4. The chair didn’t have a long lead time. I received it just over a week after I ordered it. 5. It looks great even outside the “nursery.” Euna doesn’t have her own room since our house only has 2 bedrooms and so she sleeps in our room, which isn’t big enough for a rocking chair. Therefore we put the rocker in our living room and it works well, and will continue to be a great look even after the babies are bigger. 6. It was quite easy to assemble. Though a little trickier, I still managed to put it together all by myself WHILE holding a baby in the Moby wrap. 7. I didn’t really mention this yet, but it is comfortable. And I read from other customers that it is good quality and continues to perform well after many months of daily use. I do plan on buying a bottle of Vectra spray to protect the fabric. Note to self to do that soon!

And finally, the box it came in worked great for Jack and Daddy to build both a fort and a truck ramp. A win for the whole family.

So, which were the other options that we considered? In order from least expensive to most, here are 9 other really great, affordable nursery rockers. Many of these glide AND swivel which is an awesome feature.


Bento Swivel Glider $299

madison glider

Madison Swivel Glider $399


Charleston Swivel Glider $449


Sutton Swivel Glider $499


Graham Glider $599


Nora Swivel Glider $699


Bella Swivel Glider $799


Sparrow Glider $999


Marley Rocking Chair $999

Hope this is helpful for those of you looking to buy a nursery rocker. I, by the way, wrote this entire post with one hand, so excuse any typos. My other hand is, of course, holding this beauty.


Have a rockin’ Monday folks!

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