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Daydream Diary: the skylit shower


One day when I’m rich (but not famous because I don’t like being in the spotlight) and can build my ultimate dream home, I would definitely have a skylight in my shower. I mean, what a perfect way to start the day. It would be like standing under my own personal waterfall every morning with the bright sunlight beaming down on me. (Ok, this kind of spotlight I could get used to). Only it would be even better because it would be a nice, hot waterfall surrounded by beautiful tile, and I wouldn’t have to hike 4 miles to get to it.

These are some of my favorite inspiration images of heavenly, skylit showers. I’m energized just looking at these.

tumblr_mg4sakQWCp1r4mmz8o1_50021st-project dcbaa0d6666c0e3db1ca47bd563696de

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I’ve been looking at examples of skylights in bathrooms lately because the new bathroom we’re adding won’t have windows and a skylight would bring in some natural light to make it feel less like a closet. Here’s a link to my Pinterest board for more gorgeous sunlit bathroom ideas. For our small bathroom and budget, we decided on the Velux Sun Tunnel. It’s not quite the dream skylight, but it will make a big difference in our space. Jaga started installing it over the weekend, so I’ll share more about it in the upcoming project update post. Stay tuned!



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