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Let’s Talk Clothing for Baby Girls


I’ve been practicing a minimal wardrobe capsule when it comes to clothes for myself for years. My husband and I SHARE a 3-foot wide closet and still have plenty of room to spare. I’m pretty proud of myself – I currently have just one pair of jeans. Anyways, now that I have a baby girl, it’s going to be a real struggle for me to not want to spend all my money on clothes for her. I can’t get over the cute clothes that are out there on the internet. The internet is a dangerous place when it comes to baby clothes.

But, I am going to be strong and also do a mini capsule wardrobe for Lulu, who is now 3 months old. This fall/winter I bought clothes for her from Zara Mini. Adorable, good quality, and affordable. Here’s what I bought for her capsule this season (all 3-6 mo. size).
zara-baby-girl-clothes-fall-2016Basic Star Sweater  |  Knit Bolero  |  Clouds and Stars Dress  |  Organic Cotton Ribbed Leggings – Pink  |  Pompom Hat – Pink  |  Terrycloth Socks  |  Flannel Harem Trousers – Gray Marl  |  Knit Trousers – Burgundy

I also have some basic white Gerber onesies, leggings, and tights to complete her outfit each day. And of course other outfits that were given to her, but this is her main wardrobe. Today she is wearing the Clouds and Stars dress and the pink leggings. The dress is super soft and she loves it. Just kidding, she has no preference for clothes and hates when I dress her. Let’s face it, she’s my doll that I dress her up for my own amusement. I’ve had this wardrobe for her for about a month, so she’s worn everything once or twice now. But to be real, when at home, she’s usually just wearing a onesie and some tights. I have to remind myself that at this age, they really don’t need a lot of clothes because she’s usually tucked inside my Moby wrap anyways.

But, if you have a little girl like I do, it’s likely you love shopping and dressing her up in darling outfits too, so I’ve rounded up cute clothes from around the web so you can pin your heart out. There’s a little bit from all price points, starting with Cat and Jack for Target. All items are sized 0-6 months. And if you practice minimal capsule wardrobes for yourself and your kids please share!

cat-and-jack-baby-girl-clothes-fall-2016Foil Dot Legging  |  Stripe Bow Dress  |  Bow Pocket Hoodie  |  4-pack Mitten Set  |  Textured Dress  |  Ruffle Legging – Coral  |  Morning Person Bodysuit


Pretty Jersey T-Shirt  |  Fun Penguin Fair Isle Cardigan – Oatmeal  |   Jersey Overalls  |  Printed Jersey Play Set  |  Pretty Cord Jacket  |  Cosy Velour Sleepset  |  Cable Footless Tights – Honeycomb  |  Cosy Baby Cardigan – Soft Bluebell 

Textured Sweater Cape  |  Windowpane Skirt  |  Metallic Crib Shoe  |  Bow Cuff Ponte Pant  |  Windowpane Peplum Top  |  Striped Darling Top  |  Dot Jacquard Pant  |  Fair Isle Mitten  |  Boucle Bow Clip


Baby Elise Sweater Crew  |  Little Peanut Happy Pant  |  Baby Wren Dress  |  Little Peanut Long Sleeve Dress – Plum  |  Baby Jessica Tee  |  Baby Tana Skirt  |  Baby Jordan Teepetit-bateau-baby-girl-clothes-fall-2016

Baby mittens  |  Pajamas and Cardigan Set  |  Printed Pilot All-In-One  |  Sherpa Vest  |  Baby Boot Slippers  |  Polka Dot Blouse  |  Flowery Overalls  |  Wool Knit Cardigantea_baby-girl-clothes-fall-2016

Mask Wrap Tunic  |  Zen Baby Cardigan  |  Momiji Baby Cardigan  |  Sugoi Graphic Dress  |  Nichibotsu Skirted Baby Dress  |  Pinku Hat and Socks Set  |  Ato Baby Jumper  |  Boro Baby Dress

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