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Style Curing the Sunroom


I am participating in Apartment Therapy’s Style Cure! The Fall 2014 series to transform a room in 30 days before the holidays came at a perfect time since I’m already remodeling my sunroom. So I figured, why not? With how long it has taken us to redo this room, I thought it might be nice to cross the finish line sprinting and holding hands with the world, as I share my project with the AT community. It’s been fun and stressful, but mostly exciting to see our space finally get the attention it needs.

The “Big Reveal” is this Friday! Stop by Apartment Therapy to see my “cured” space along with rooms done by other live bloggers.

The month project is broken down into 22 mini assignments to help guide us through the process, from determining our style to planning to painting to putting it all together.

Here are my posts from the series:

Finally, I just want to say, we HAVE FLOORS! Consider this post a mini project update as well. As you can also see from the Style Cure progress, we’ve installed hardwood floors and have painted the walls. Installing the hardwood floors was surprisingly enjoyable. As someone who thoroughly loves a good puzzle, I laid out each row of the various length pieces, making sure the joints were staggered across the rows. And then Jaga nailed them in place with a hardwood floor nailer he found a couple weeks ago at Goodwill. When the rubber mallet swings and makes contact with the nailer, it makes a satisfying “pop” that is rather addictive. It took about 2 days to finish this room and I’ll leave you with this little time-lapse.


If you’re wondering what that funny picture is doing on the wall, don’t worry because I did too. It’s a painting that Jaga’s Opa (grandfather from Germany) painted for us and I wasn’t sure why it was hanging there, so I took it down thinking it didn’t belong there. But Jaga said he had intentionally hung it there to have his Opa, who passed away a few years ago, watch over our room and our project, and maybe bring a little extra good luck. So far, I feel pretty lucky.

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